Villain's View of the Hero

Villain's View is a unique feature of Poker Sleuth that tracks how each opponent sees you. In addition to tabulating detailed statistics on each of your opponents, Poker Sleuth takes it one level deeper by calculating the statistics your opponents keep on you.

For example, consider the Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot (VPIP). Suppose you play two hands with a new opponent named Bob. In both hands, your opponent raises preflop and you fold. Poker Sleuth will note that Bob's raw VPIP is two out of two and it will note that Bob's observation of your VPIP is zero out of two.

When using the Poker Sleuth Heads-Up Display (HUD), you can activate Villain's View at any time simply by holding down the Shift key. All of the statistics in the HUD will instantly shift to the Villain's View mode. The statistics block next to each opponent will show the statistics they may have accumulated about you, rather than the statistics you've accumulated about them. Release the Shift key to return to the normal mode.

Normal view screenshot

The Normal View shows stats describing the opponent.

Villain's View screenshot

The Villain's View shows stats describing you, from the opponent's perspective.

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