A few of the articles include math-intensive components, marked with the icon on the left. If math isn't your thing, you can safely skip over these sections.

Fallacies are statements that sound true—but aren't. You'll undoubtedly hear many half-truths around the poker table. By becoming familiar with the common poker fallacies, you'll be less likely to fall for them:

Strategy is an overall, high-level plan. For example, at a wild table with many people calling and raising, your strategy might be to only play hands that have a good chance of hitting it big on the flop and cleaning up, such as a pair (9c9d) that could turn into three-of-a-kind or a full house.

Tactics are low-level techniques used to achieve a particular short-term goal. For example, with a solid hand, you might bet aggressively if your think your opponent will call, or you might pretend to have a weak hand if you think your opponent might be convinced to bluff.

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