Poker Heads-Up Display (HUD)

The Poker Sleuth Heads-Up Display (HUD) overlays extensive statistics on each of your opponents directly onto the poker table. Poker Sleuth compiles statistics from your personal archive of hand histories. Hovering the mouse over one of the statistics will bring up more detailed statistics on that player, broken down by position when applicable. Want to know how often they try for a blind steal when it's folded to them in the button? Or how frequently they raise in each position pre-flop? It's all there.

See mucked cards and all-in equity

After a hand ends, Poker Sleuth will show your opponents' mucked cards. If the players went all-in before the final round, Poker Sleuth will also show each player's all-in equity.

Fully customizable

Like to tinker? Poker Sleuth's HUD is fully customizable. Here are just some of the things you can con­fig­ure:

  • Choose colors based on statistics or percentiles
  • Set up different layouts for different situations and switch between them (e.g., if you want different stats displayed for tournaments and cash games)
  • Program your own stats in the Poker Sleuth Statistics Language
  • Set up more than one stat block per player to maximize use of space
  • Specify which additional stats pop up when you hover over a stat
  • Filter stats by position and/or round of play (no need to create a different version of a stat for each round; just check the rounds you want when configuring the display of the stat)

Supported on: 888 Absolute Full Tilt Party Ultimate Bet Instant player detection

On most poker sites, Poker Sleuth instantly detects when players join the table and where they're sitting. The HUD updates as soon as a player sits down. Instant player detection is a must-have for games where players change frequently, such as tournaments and Full Tilt's Rush Poker.

Villain view

Want to see what statistics your opponents might have gathered about you? Just hold down Shift. Learn more.

HUD hiding

Need to see under the HUD for a moment? Simply press the Alt key to hide the HUD. Release the Alt key, and the HUD reappears.

Smooth resizing

When you resize a poker table window, Poker Sleuth HUD detects the resize and adjusts the positions of all its data accordingly.

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