Integrated Poker Equity Calculator

Poker Sleuth includes an integrated Texas Hold'em Equity Calculator. Tell it what hands your opponents may have, and it calculates your odds of winning at the showdown if no one folds.

To calculate equity, there are no buttons to click and no settings to adjust. Just type in the hands and it instantly calculates the results. We designed our Equity Calculator from the ground up to save you time. Change the hands and it automatically recalculates. Poker Sleuth's Calculator isn't just fast at crunching numbers, but it has a simple, elegant design with a small screen footprint.

Screen capture

The Equity Calculator integrates with the Hand Reviewer and Taskbar. With the click of a button, the Equity Calculator will automatically load the details from the hand you just played, including the board cards, known hole cards, and when each player folded. It even pulls data from Poker Sleuth's Bayesian Player Analyzer to estimate your opponents' unknown hole cards.

Hand ranges

The Equity Calculator accepts ranges of hands as inputs, which is perfect when you're not sure what cards your opponents may have. Poker Sleuth accepts a wide variety of input, making it easy to specify a range of hands. For example:

  • Ad2d: specifically Ad2d
  • JJ+: a pair Jacks or a better pair
  • AdA: any pair of aces that contains the Ad
  • T8s-QJs: T8s, T9s, J9s, JTs, QTs, or QJs
  • 6h5h-QhJh: 6h5h, 7h6h, 8h7h, 9h8h, Th9h, JhTh, or QhJh
  • 20%: The top 20% of all starting hands
  • 5%-10%: The top 10% of all starting hands, less the top 5% of all starting hands


Poker Sleuth uses Monte Carlo simulations to calculate a highly accurate approximation of each player's true equity. Poker Sleuth automatically chooses an appropriate number of simulations. Based on theorems from statistical theory, the graph below explores the probability of an error. The x axis shows the size of an error, and the y axis shows the probability of an error less than that magnitude. For example, the error will be less than half a percentage point 85% of the time.

The probability of an error of more than 1 percentage point is quite small—less than half a percent. The probability of the Equity Calculator having an error of more than 2 percentage points is around one in 12.5 million. That's less likely than being struck by lightning.

CDF of error

We don't simply rely on Monte Carlo theory to ensure the accuracy of the Equity Calculator: we also test it. The Poker Sleuth automated tests run the same input hundreds of times to verify that the results have the expected accuracy. View some of our test results.

Some other Monte Carlo poker calculators give inaccurate answers in a few cases when players have similar holdings. One of the hardest cases we've found for Monte Carlo is: “AA” vs. “2c2d,A2” vs. “AA,2c2d”. The correct equities are 75%, 9%, and 16%, respectively.

The fastest poker calculator

Poker Sleuth's Equity Calculator is fast. Equity results appear as you type. You'll never need to wait.

We designed Poker Sleuth from the ground up to have the fastest poker calculator available. Each time we make a change to Poker Sleuth's Monte Carlo engine, we run it through our accuracy tests. If it passes the accuracy tests, we run it through a battery of speed tests and compare the results with earlier versions and with competing poker calculators. Our speed tests include a wide variety of scenarios, including:

  • Tests with 2 to 10 players
  • Tests with and without board cards
  • Tests with very loose players
  • Tests with very tight players
  • Tests where players have heavily overlapping card ranges
  • Tests where players have independent card ranges

Here's a small sample of our timing results, listing the simulated games per second (higher is better) for Poker Sleuth and Poker Stove 1.21. The final column lists the ratio of the two speeds (e.g., a ratio of 2 means Poker Sleuth is twice as fast).

PlayersCardsPoker SleuthPoker Stove 1.21Sleuth/Stove
2 LooseIndependent2,433,9781,595,185 1.53
10 LooseIndependent2,900,653 394,4627.35
2 TightOverlapping1,428,571 1,175,978 1.21
10 TightOverlapping446,359 74,176 6.02
2 TightIndependent1,830,329 1,788,730 1.02
10 TightIndependent1,147,776 558,8762.05

Timing tests conducted on an Intel T7200 processor

Useful error messages

When Poker Sleuth can't understand your input, it provides useful error messages. For example, suppose you enter “A2+, K2+, QJJ, 22+”. Poker Sleuth will let you know “QJJ: invalid character ‘J’. Must be ‘s’ or ‘o’”. No need to guess what Poker Sleuth can't understand; it tells you.

Copy to clipboard

Poker Sleuth includes a “To Clipboard” feature that generates BBCode suitable for posting results to many online forums. Simply paste the code into your post and an image will be generated like the one below.

Weighted hands

Suppose you know UTG will limp with medium pairs (55-88), several suited connectors (76s-QJs), and with a third of his pocket aces and kings. He limps, MP limps with any ace, king, or pair. You raise with the red tens, the blinds fold, and the flop comes JcQs2d:

Poker calculator output, demonstrating weighted hands

By putting a percentage in parenthesis after a range (KK+ (33%)), you can tell Poker Sleuth that the range would only be played a fraction of the time.

Poker equity charts

Poker Sleuth's equity charts provide additional hand equity details. Each chart shows how frequently that hand will have a certain equity on the next street. For example, the “Equity Distribution on random flops” shows you how often a pre-flop hand will hit the flop and how hard. For example, suppose you want to know how Ace–King suited (AKs) will fair on the flop against pair of tens (TT) and a pair of fives (55). Simply click “Chart” and Poker Sleuth produces the following chart. Learn more.

A poker equity chart

Fully scriptable

Poker Sleuth includes a fully scriptable equity calculator. Every wanted to perform hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of equity calculations to solve a problem? Now you can. Learn more.

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