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Reviewing your play is one of the critical steps to becoming a better player. By analyzing difficult hands between sessions, you will grow more proficient at making correct decisions at the table. Review will also illustrate cases when you became tangled up in the heat of the moment and made an emotional rather than a rational decision. As you get better at recognizing those situations, you will also get better at making the most profitable choice. Poker Sleuth makes it a breeze to review your recent hands, with a feature-packed Hand Reviewer.

Find interesting hands

The Hand Reviewer organizes hands by date and time. We figure you don't want to review hands that you played two years ago; you want to review hands that you at least vaguely remember. Toward that end, Poker Sleuth lets you hide uninteresting hands where you folded at the first chance. You can also restrict the view to only the hands that you've noted for review with the Taskbar Tool or in the HUD.

Load hands directly into the Equity Calculator

With the a click of the “Calculate” button, any hand can be loaded directly into Poker Sleuth's integrated Equity Calculator. Poker Sleuth will populate all of the fields in the calculator based on the details in the hand, including the board cards, your hole cards, and where each player folded. It will even make a best guess at each player's hand range based on their first pre-flop action by using Poker Sleuth's starting hand inference engine.

Basic statistics in the hand history

Each hand history includes some basic statistics about your opponents as well as Villain's View statistics that describe how your opponents view you. The pre-flop statistics incorporate each player's position. For example, the Pre-Flop Raise (PFR) statistic for the player on the button describes how often they've raised before the flop from the button. If you need more statistics on player, just click on their name to load the player in the Player Analyzer. To avoid clutter, Poker Sleuth won't display statistics for players who folded at the first opportunity.

Get advice

Poker Sleuth's built-in hand converter makes it easy to post a tricky hand to your favorite poker forum for discussion. Peer review is a surefire way to double-check your thinking. The hand history conversion will:

  • Locate the right sub-forum based on the game type and betting limits
  • Anonymize players
  • Omit the results of the hand to discourage results-oriented analysis
  • Include basic statistics about each relevant player

Supported forums include 2+2, Deuces Cracked, Flop Turn River, Leggo Poker, Outflopped, Poker Collectif (French), Poker Pro (Slovenian), Poker Strategy, and Pokerhand.org. Additionally, Poker Sleuth can export to HTML or plain text, suitable for posting to a blog or personal website. If you'd like to see another forum supported, just ask.

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