Poker hands in your Taskbar

Ever wanted to quickly note a hand for later? Poker Sleuth makes it easy. Recent, interesting hands appear in the Windows Taskbar. Click on a hand to note it for later review.

single click to note a hand for later

We understand that when you're playing poker, you're busy. There's another hand starting and you don't have time to search for the right table or click through menus to note a hand. With Poker Sleuth, one click is all it takes.

Skilled Hold'em players fold many of their hands. Poker Sleuth saves you time by only showing interesting hands in the Taskbar–hands you didn't immediately fold.

Want more details? Hovering the mouse over your hole cards shows a brief summary of the hand. Right-clicking brings up a context-menu, where you can choose to view the hand history, take some quick notes on the hand, or load the hand directly into the Equity Calculator.

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