Statistics Tracking Database

Poker Sleuth builds a statistics database by compiling data from your personal archive of hand histories. The database is the backbone of many of Poker Sleuth's features, such as the Heads-Up Display and Player Analyzer.


Although Poker Sleuth uses a database, you don't need to be a database administrator to use Poker Sleuth. You don't need to install any third-party software, tweak any settings, or worry about database sizes.


Poker Sleuth automatically detects where most poker sites save their hand histories on your computer. Unless you've created a directory where you manually copy your hand histories, you shouldn't need to configure anything.

Painless imports

Poker Sleuth imports your hand histories seamlessly in the background. There's no need to wait for it to import your entire collection; you can begin playing with Poker Sleuth's features right away. It's even clever enough to import the most recent hand histories firstHow does it know which hands are the most recent before it imports them? Poker Sleuth uses a complex system of heuristics to bound the age of the hand histories in a file., since those are the most useful hands. If you're actively playing poker, new hands will always be imported immediately.

Using its built-in idle-detection technology, Poker Sleuth will aggressively import your hand histories when you're away from the computer. When you're using your system, Poker Sleuth will let other programs have priority.


We designed Poker Sleuth's database to be as fast as possible when you need it most: at the poker table. Poker Sleuth's indexes only the import information, yielding a lightweight database that typically requires half as much space as the hand history files.

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