Scriptable Equity Calculator

Poker Sleuth includes a fully scriptable equity calculator. Every wanted to perform hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of equity calculations to solve a problem? Now you can.

Here's a brief example, using the Python bindings:

>>> import pokersleuth
>>> board = '5c6dJh'
>>> player1 = '77+, AQs+'
>>> player2 = '10%'
>>> print pokersleuth.compute_equity(board, (player1, player2))
[0.59621513944223103, 0.40378486055776891]

For C, C++, and C#, you will need to copy montecarlo.dll from the Poker Sleuth installation directory to where you program resides (e.g., “Debug\” or “bin\Debug\”). For Python, the module will automatically look in the default Poker Sleuth installation directory to find the DLL.

Please note that montecarlo.dll is a 32-bit DLL. On 64-bit systems, you will need to build your program as a 32-bit program in order to access it.

The Poker Sleuth License Agreement allows you to use the programmable equity calculator only for your own personal use. If you want to develop a product or web service that embeds the Poker Sleuth calculator, contact Pitch us your idea, and we'll go from there. We're pretty flexible.

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