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List of issues

Priority ID Activity Title Status Creator
urgent 358 22 months ago Do not get any hands in the software new MrPoxyycat
bug 357 22 months ago Performance problems when removing hand history directories new Daniel
bug 356 23 months ago Windows 7 error on start fixed gsvmanga
bug 355 26 months ago Donk Bet Fold vs Raise needs documentation new Daniel
feature 354 26 months ago The Hand Reviewer needs a search/filter feature new Daniel
bug 353 26 months ago Don't allow setting the BackColor to Transparent new Daniel
bug 310 26 months ago Stats no longer show up in the hand history fixed Daniel
bug 352 26 months ago Players with numeric names don't show up in the HUD fixed Daniel
feature 351 26 months ago Allow users to save hand ranges in the Equity Calculator for later use new Daniel
bug 350 27 months ago On Windows 7, the Poker Sleuth Tray Icon is hard to find for new users new Daniel
bug 349 27 months ago Initial startup is slow with a very large databse new Daniel
bug 348 27 months ago Imports get slower and slower as more data is imported new Daniel
urgent 347 27 months ago Crash when a floating control is added to the default Stat Group new Daniel
feature 346 28 months ago If the user tries to start Poker Sleuth, but it's already running, let them know. new Daniel
feature 336 28 months ago Popups should stay open as long as the user holds the mouse still duplicate Daniel
feature 340 28 months ago CBet stats should be broken down into OOP, MP, and IP fixed Daniel
feature 345 28 months ago Add a control for the number of BB left fixed Daniel
bug 337 28 months ago RFI does not work for the small blind fixed Daniel
bug 339 28 months ago CBet stats are not calculated correctly fixed Daniel
feature 341 28 months ago Several additional stats could be added to Poker Sleuth's built-in stats fixed Daniel
bug 344 28 months ago Stat persistance on mouseover fixed StephenAngeloni
bug 343 28 months ago HUD not working for fulltilt.fr fixed StephenAngeloni
bug 342 28 months ago Euro games not recognised on FullTilt.fr site (french only version of FT) fixed StephenAngeloni
feature 338 30 months ago The Equity Calculator should consolidate A7s, A8s, A9s, ATs to A7s-ATs new Daniel
bug 335 30 months ago On Poker Stars, the HUD should be able to save the rotation relative to the Hero new Daniel
bug 334 30 months ago User reports that Player Analyzer reports 0 hands for high volume players new Daniel
bug 333 30 months ago Player Analyzer missteps new Daniel
feature 332 31 months ago The Equity Calculator should remember its screen position new Daniel
feature 331 31 months ago If the HUD is disabled, that should be indicated in the HUD tab new Daniel
feature 320 31 months ago Use http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/DefValInit.aspx for efficiency fixed Daniel
feature 326 31 months ago Remove "Poker Sleuth" from window titles fixed Daniel
bug 314 31 months ago Sometimes new windows do not pop to the front (e.g., crash windows!) fixed Daniel
bug 319 31 months ago Crash reports from the hook may not be generated for international users in-progress Daniel
critical 328 31 months ago Crash when trying to enter a range between two percentages into the Equity Calculator fixed Daniel
critical 330 31 months ago Crash when encountering non-ASCII hand history filenames fixed Daniel
bug 329 31 months ago When the trial has expired, Poker Sleuth complains about being unable to locate hand histories fixed Daniel
critical 327 31 months ago Crash when parsing hand histories from the CEST timezone fixed Daniel
bug 325 31 months ago in the graphical hole selector, the arrow keys don't work right on the slider new Daniel
feature 324 31 months ago the AFq hover should break down the CBet stats by street new Daniel
feature 323 32 months ago Parsing should be faster new Daniel
feature 322 32 months ago Poker Sleuth should offer to maintain database backups new Daniel
critical 321 32 months ago Crash when closing a table after closing the Options window after using the HUD tab fixed Daniel
bug 318 32 months ago HUD not displaying new jacin
feature 316 32 months ago Crash reports should include the .NET version. fixed Daniel
critical 317 32 months ago Crash when the Taskbar tool fails to start, even after many attempts fixed Daniel
critical 315 32 months ago Crash when parsing BetFair hands fixed Daniel
bug 311 32 months ago Poker Sleuth should verify the integrity of its files fixed Daniel
bug 313 32 months ago Closing a table does not get rid of the "Which table type?" window fixed Daniel
critical 312 32 months ago Crash when closing a table right after opening it fixed Daniel
bug 309 33 months ago The popups do not use the ambient background color fixed Daniel
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