Casino Safety Online

Unfortunately identity theft has grown substantially over the last few years and this concern also applies to those who enjoy their favourite casino games online.


There are a few things that anyone can do when choosing a site to play at, one of those being that you make sure the site you have chosen is not a fraudulent or spam site which are there to access your personal information stored on your pc. As a rule of thumb, never, ever give any personal information unless you know that the site is valid and above board, and also make sure that you have a reliable anti-virus/spyware program set up and working properly. We advise that you consider using online casino review sites like as they take the trouble to make sure they list only trusted online casinos, helping you avoid rouge casinos.


Your personal information should also be kept private, especially if you have children or any other vulnerable person living with you who may access your computer, as fraudulent sites do not discriminate who they are targeting.


Rather than trawling through the many pages of online gambling sites you could make use of an online casino comparison site which only has the best quality casinos included within its pages. The type of research these sites do can be invaluable to players both new and experienced as they look at and then check out numerous aspects of each site before rating and ranking them, so you know, from the very first click that you are enjoying your time in a safe and secure environment.


Playing at online casinos and using their facilities to make a deposit is much the same as using any other website where there is money involved, there will always be that criminal element out to make a fast buck from those that have, so again make sure your site is a valid one before making any deposits at all. The web address should always begin with ‘https://’ and if you are using the latest version of your browser the addy bar or the name of the site owner/s will turn green. There should also be a padlock symbol in the browser window frame which appears when you try to log in or register, please be aware that this padlock symbol should NEVER be on the page itself.


The above tips are useful to remember when choosing a new site where monetary transactions are going to take place.


Many people make new friends when playing online, and the social side of gambling has taken off in leaps and bounds, but always remember not to add any personal details if you make up a profile to go on a site, do not give out anything such as your email address, telephone number, or anything that might make you a target to scrupulous people.


Online casinos are there to provide enjoyment and entertainment, in an environment where their members can play without worrying about fraudsters with many of the best quality sites achieving this by following all the regulations and rules set out by their governing body. A random number generator will be used to ensure that all games are true and fair and the RNG will be independently audited and tested to make sure it is working correctly. Once this has been done the site will be certified as containing games that give players a fair chance of a win.


Your times online should be a fun one, not one spent wondering if you are going to be conned one way or another, and with a little research yourself combined with the information provided by a good quality comparison site, you should be able to enjoy yourself, and who knows, it could also be your lucky day!

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