Women and online poker

They say what a man can do a woman can do even better! Well, if the current statistics of women who are engaging in online poker is anything to go by, we can be sure this is as true a sentiment as possible. There is so much that is associated with online poker that for some reason the world assumed to be a man’s game. Poker is not a sexist game, it is society that makes it look that way. In real sense poker is a game of fun, full of adventure and if you can get your hands on online poker, chances are high that you will be in a good position to appreciate the best there is to having so much fun in the process. However, let’s have a look at online poker from the perspective of women, and see what the industry has done so far.

There was a time when the population of women in a conventional poker casino would typically be less than 10%, and that is if you do not count the women who are employed in the particular casinos. Incredibly, this is no longer the case. There are so many women who have since opened up to the prospect of trying their hands on casino games, and with the advent and further propagation of online casinos and mobile casino games, there are so many women who have since taken up to these games, in a bid to enjoy as much fun as they can get, and also try their hands at some of the winnings and jackpot prizes.

One of the main reasons why women are fast getting into online poker is the fact that playing poker online has fewer or no stereotypes associated with it, as is the case with conventional casino poker stations. There is no room for chauvinistic poker attitudes that are normally associated with the traditional poker environment, and this makes online poker more welcoming for the ladies. At the same time, the poker companies have also come to realize that there are not so many women who have embraced the game, and because of this reason they have taken measures to make sure that they can attract a lot of women to and through online poker. This is why you will particularly come across poker websites that are designed with the aim of getting more women to join in on the fun.

The interesting thing about all of this is the fact that the statistics for online poker are much different than the same for the conventional poker casinos. More than 1/3 of the players that are registered online for poker are women. As a matter of fact, there is a growing sense of participation in online poker by women than the growth of participation by men. The best explanation for this is because of the fact that for the ladies, playing poker online is less intimidating than if they were to play poker through any other means.

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